Announcing our first group of Cardano Ambassadors!


Well i can accept your point of view and do understand that my way is colourful, hip shooting at times and could be even irritating. I try only to do it when i’m in a fight or under attack. Here in Africa we laugh at ourselves and laugh at each other so maybe a culture thing that i will try my best to address when having meaningful conversation. Do you know what Sean you were still typing when i had finished what a had written and then read your last couple of sentences and wanted to go back into attack and delete all of the above. But i’m not going to. Your conclusion is a sad one but that’s your choice and i am fine with it.

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I apologize for the last few comments, you’re right I had some pent up emotions as well. Thank you for being the bigger person. I’ll edit them out.


It’s Fine Sean i am just so sorry that everything had to come all the way down this road. I am angry with CF as i think they have let everybody down. I would like you to know i do not hold grudges and believe in always leaving the door partially open for reconciliation. You have met me more than halfway, thank you.


Yes and I almost deleted it because of this. But I didn’t.

I will keep my piping up to a minimum. :v::pray:


It’s okay Zenman :+1::+1: peace.


"I will not write down my speculation who you are. "

I offered you 600k to prove your claim I’m ex-guardian. How’s that working out for you?
Please do make another claim, please.

"One day you will be exposed…"

I am right here Berti, what do you want to say? There’s nothing stopping you from expressing whatever you wish, is there? If yes, please explain.

Compassionately speaking: Much of your injuries are self inflicted, and they are the worse kind as they are chronic. Your interactions here often end toxically, yet you appear unwilling or unable to take responsibility for your end, and make sincere reparations. When a person retorts to one of your written offenses, you then respond as if you’ve just suffered an unwarranted attack, and then proceed to tie-in all manner of unrelated motivations upon them.

In the past, many other’s have written exactly why they respond to you as they do, and this is an act of generosity as apposed to indifference which signals irrelevancy. This gives you something to sink your teeth into, something to consider. You may or may not agree with them, that’s not important, what is important is you now know, how they feel. Own what’s yours in that, and you’ll see some might be willing to reciprocate.


It’s nice to see that many members have been selected who have made their contribution here and not just knock on the door. Many known names which I see since a long time in Telegram, Youtube or on Twitter and which are always ready to help other people.
Ignores the negative mood of some users, who should rather go out to the fresh air and enjoy life.


While I agree with you it is nice to see long term community members become ambassadors it should also be pointed out Mihori withdrew and was active since April last year and Bullish withdraw from moderating and has been a member since forum launch. These are not “negative” mood but serious concerns.

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For those people who are playing the Cardano ambassador role, do they have a set of guiding principles or code of conducts to be abided by?

If so, can you point me to the link?


Good Question. Let’s see, should have a quick professional answer from admin very soon. I am sure they will supply a link or the code of conduct very quickly.


Hello @Singularity
There are several types of :cardano: Ambassadors, I’m assuming you mean the moderators. Yes, the guiding principles and code of conduct is same as for everyone else. Please refer to the community etiquette.

Happy easter :rabbit2::rabbit::hatching_chick:

Community etiquette

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