Anyone else having issues with poor responses from the IOHK help desk?

Is anyone else having issues getting feedback that is actually useful from the IOHK help desk? I’ve submitted two trouble tickets through the Cardano website and on both occasions, it was clear the help desk staff merely read the title of my trouble ticket and mindlessly sent back a link to a common issues page. For context, read the text of my trouble ticket below and tell me if you feel the appropriate response is, “To fix the issue, you may want to cancel the pending transaction from the Transactions tab and try again. Please see the following article on our Support Portal for more information.”

///////////////////////////////Text from trouble ticket//////////////////////////////////

I submitted an earlier trouble ticket (Reference 79642) regarding two issues, which were not addressed by your earlier response.
1.) I successfully staked the entirety of my balance on 22 December (Reference transaction ID: REDACTED). At some point, the balance in my staking wallet showed zero, and my funds were back in my balance wallet, despite no transaction history showing the funds being sent. I asked how and why the funds were moved without my input, but did not get an answer.
2.) When I attempted to move the funds back to my staking wallet, the transaction kept getting stuck in “Transaction Pending”. Per your help page, I cancelled the transaction and attempted to re-start it over 10 times, but I got the same issue. I also uninstalled/reinstalled the wallet and created a new staking wallet, but neither of these actions fixed the issue.

Now I have a new issue. I deleted the balance wallet and restored it using the recovery phrase. The recovered wallet has the correct transaction history, but shows zero balance. Just to be sure I entered the correct recovery phrase, I restored the wallet a second time and still have the same issue.

Where did my ADA go, and why did it get moved out of my staking wallet without my input or a corresponding transaction history in the first place? I attached logs for your reference.

I didn’t contact IOHK help desk recently, but I got the same issue (rewards wallet shows 0). What helped me was deleting and restoring the rewards wallet. If you did delete and restore with your balance wallet and you already moved your ADA to rewards wallet before, then it is supposed to have zero balance and you should see that transaction in transaction history. This seems to be an issue with Daedalus and your ADA and staking payments should be safe.

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Deleting and restoring the rewards wallet is one thing I did not try. I’ll give that a shot. Thanks!

Hi , I’m the guy that published the emurgo trouble ticket response :grinning:

So it said just sit tight and updates would fix the problems. That didn’t happen. I waited what seemed like epochs (they were indeed) and still had the spinning circles of death in yoroi. I was unable to see any transactions or make any pool swaps. Since I was stuck in a failing pool and earned 0 ada in epoch 18, I took it upon myself to delete the testnet wallet from chrome, re-install it and the re-enter the seeds.
When I did, all functionality in yoroi was restored and I was able to re-delegate. Also, transactions were restored. So If I had listened to emurgo and done nothing I’d still be screwed.
I know you asked about IOHK but thought this was relevant.

It surely is relevant, the community has shared thoughts on the OP’s predicament in other threads and I hope that @kr5556 is able to view the rewards in their wallet like I was able after going through the Daedalus workaround of deleting restarting (several times!), hopefully Yoroi users with issue’s will see this and make their own fix like you have done, both IOHK and Emurgo want these to be succesful yet I imagine they have a lot of ticket bieng turned in on the daily - and… its still Holiday time around the world.

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I had no problems at all. I had four tickets and all of them were answered within a short period of time.
The staff may be still understaffed at the beginning of the year.

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