Are native tokens consolidated when added to wallet?

Hi all,

Say I have 10 “x” tokens in a wallet, and they are being held by the 1.4ADA. If I send another 10 “x” tokens from another wallet which are being held by 1.4ADA, will they be combined to be 20 “x” tokens under 1.4ADA, effectively unlocking 1.4A?


Directly after the transaction, they will be in two different transaction outputs with 1.4 ADA each, but each wallet app should be able to use these transaction outputs (if it is needed) and consolidate them into one (change) output, so that 1.4 ADA are unlocked.

By which logic exactly that is done differs between wallet apps. As far as I have seen, Nami tends to put all tokens into one output as soon as possible, ccVault has a setting to put at most a configurable number (default 20) into each output to balance between locked ADA and transaction costs, …