Are there any conflicts between BP and relay nodes running different versions of Cardano?

Hey guys,

My block producer was created last week on a home laptop from source code based on Ubuntu, so it is running an older version (1.18) of Cardano node; however, I just installed an AWS Cardano relay instance on AWS last night, having not given much thought to which version of Cardano node I was going to install other than the latest version - that’s what I usually go for, which in this instance happens to be version 1.19.

Is 1.19 retro-compatible with earlier versions? - probably not - after all this is blockchain software, not regular software ;P. Should I update my 1.18 version to 1.19, and if so, how do I go about safely updating software compiled from sourcecode and getting rid of the 1.18 compiled binaries and source code packages without having to hunt them and their dependencies down in the file system and remove them manually?


1.18.0 and 1.19.0 are “compatible”, which means you can run 1.18 and it will work fine with 1.19.0 peers.

you can check where the binaries are located by executing this:

which cardano-node


which cardano-cli

just compile from scratch the 1.19 version and replace the old binaries

Let me know if you need any further help,

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Thanks, Lauris!