Are we decentralized yet? (TOP20 coin overview)

for the records: at 2018-05-01


Great contribution, bravo!
Maybe just a highlight on cardano to help weary eyes… :wink:

Must say, Dash lux great :clap:

astonishingly this list does not mention EOS

This makes the more PoS missing in this list.

There’s no running EOS system yet. Hard to tell if it’s decentralised =)

No ERC20 or any other tokens are mentioned on the website. Gotta be a coin to be relevant


Just like @vantuz-subhuman says… EOS is not a coin…its a Token (erc20) running on the Ethereum Blockchain…it should be decentralized when they launch a coin on their Blockchain (assuming they have the # of nodes to be really decentralized)…why?, because Cardano has a coin (ADA) in its own blockchain, but it is not decentralized yet…