Are Website Wallet Apps a Good Idea?

Often if someone has problems accessing their wallet with Yoroi or Daedalus, we advise them to go to or one of the other website-based wallet applications.

I have a Ledger, so I’m pretty confident in using arbitrary of these services without too much risk.

I also think that the usually recommended ones of these are trustworthy enough that (if you do not have a hardware wallet) they only process the seed words locally on your computer and never transmit them back to their server.

But I haven’t even checked that in detail. Let alone can I be sure that they never get hacked and stop being trustworthy without me noticing immediately.

So, is it really such a good idea that we train people to give their seed words to some websites of which some random guys in the Cardano forum say that they are safe?

On the other hand, I have no idea, how we could debug a lot of the problems people have without being able to tell them to just try another wallet.

There are other wallets like or which have the online version (like, but also the browser plugin version (like Yoroi). I prefer to use ccvault as browser plugin with my ledger device, and I believe this is also a more secure way than using an online wallet.
Another thing: usually the browser plugin wallets have the permission to read and modify all the data on all the accessed websites. There is an option for each plugin to allow this only after clicking the plugin icon in browser. I am always using this option, I find it much more secure this way (in case a browser plugin gets compromised).