Atala story

Someone posted this cool story about the Atala butterfly (namesake of Cardano Enterprise) on Telegram:

Here is a video from the summit with more on Atala (courtesy of NostrADAmus) here:


And I thought this was a reference to some encryption hardware we used at a job long ago:

I think the products we used were created for automated teller hardware, but we used it for secure messaging. This is before Y2K even, when greater than 256 bit keys needed an export license.

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So, when building an e-commerce C2B2B solution, one would need Atala as well, as a separate function for handling validity from different vendors and manufacturers.
This is very interesting. As I have worked on optimizing data flows between manufacturers and distributors in enabling a smart e-commerce platform which can be fully automated in regards to backorders, new products, retired products etc.