Automate "Triggers and Actions" with smart contracts - any tech interested to join?

Hello from sunny Switzerland - I am a serial entrepreneur seduced by ADA I discovered as soon as I stepped in the crypto world.

I have created products and services all my life and more recently created a iOT device that would need to connect to a smart contact to enhance its value and I guess I am not the only one.

You might know the IFTTT service - it is a service that let you register a sensor/device to a service and interact with it. E.g., you can have a connected temperature sensor that would switch on your fan when the temperature reaches a certain level.

I strongly believe that smart contacts will need to have real life implications. That smart contracts will need to interact with physical iOT devices.

I would like to build a team to start a design thinking workshop about this topic and maybe come up with a project. What is good is that we could very rapidly come up with my real life product (the one I develop since one year) as IRL use case.

This could have been the IRL result of a smart contact.

My skills are : entrepreneur - maker - product design - user experience - creative + art direction

The skills I look for : technical - finance - admin

Looking forward to discuss with good people !


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As nobody replied to this proposal - I do it myself and reformulate - pivot the idea.

It seems to me that the community here is full of developers, I am a normie - a user - someone who would love to use the Smart Contracts for specific - real life - products and services. (e.g., a smart contact interface for my grand-mother)

It might be too early for some but for me, there is a need to show real life use cases and I would love to work on development of those USE CASES.

Would be happy to discuss with you all about this and prepare real life prototypes based on the future cardano smart contracts.

I’m very excited about IoT applications myself. I also think an IFTTT-type service might have potential. But your pitch is pretty vague. If you’re looking for someone to implement the tech, maybe you’d get more feedback if you’d flesh it out a bit more? After all, we all kind of believe that we should have “real life implications”, whatever one may take that to mean.

Also, I’d suggest a different title. People may not be familiar with IFTTT. I wasn’t, and I skipped over this topic for a long time because the title didn’t make any sense to me.

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Great to see someone understanding me :slight_smile: - I am not native english - feel free to rephrase the title and help tech people to understand as well. With your help and the help of more people we could start a great project on Cardano.

“If This, Then That,” IFTTT is an easy way to automate tasks that might otherwise be repetitive or unable to talk to each other. It works like this: users are guided through a process to make simple scripts, aka “recipes,” where some type of event in one device or service automatically triggers an action in another."

I believe smart contracts (oracles as well) will need to be part of the game. IFTTT employs the following concepts: Services (formerly known as channels) are the basic building blocks of IFTTT. Triggers are the “this” part of an applet. Actions are the “that” part of an applet. Applets (formerly known as recipes) are the predicates made from Triggers and Actions.

Who would like to join the brainstorm and find the best USE CASES for this project ?


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