Award Winning DEX!

I saw a 10 second video of Charles saying congrats to the winners…. Then the video was edited to announce Cardax the upcoming DEX as a winner of possibly a grant of support from Project Catalyst amongst a few other winners.

May I please get some assistance on what the award was, the video, the other DEXs etc?

For one, I am trying to see if the video was legitimate. Secondly, I would like to learn what other DEXs are in development right now.

Thank you.

possible SCAM! there are no giveaways !!! if someone request money/ADA from you then it’s a SCAM for sure

I think you might be thinking of something else. They are not asking for any ADA.
This is a video of a Charles Hoskinson. I am just trying to find the original full version

Here is the original video: Congratulations Fund4 Winners and Happy July 4th - YouTube

It’s not an award as much as help to get started. Not all make it trough the whole process even if they are selected. You can stop by Catalyst discord for info about others, but I don’t see Cardax listed in Fund4 list. Cardano Project Catalyst

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