Backup of Daedalus

I have installed Daedelius, but didn’t find any backup functionality built in. Can I know which are the files to backup Daedelius on a regular basis?

Your 12 seed words are enough to recreate the wallet at any time. There is no need to backup any other file.


12 seed words can restore only originally created address. not others

Could you please elaborate a bit on this? A wallet is always restored with all its addresses.

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Really? I tried it recently
Installed Daedalus. Create wallet. Wrote down the seed-phrase. Created new addresses. Deleted Daedalus and key-data.
And. After a new installation and introduction of the seed-phrase there was only one first address

It does not matter how many addresses you have generated in a wallet, only those will be restored which has or had any money on it. It’s a bit more cimplicated (change adresses etc), but conceptually it’s like this.


Maybe you will explain the algorithm how an one or more address is obtained from 12 words?

Excellent question, you can derive a vast number of addresses. I think a great start to get an idea how this works is provided here:

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I do not want to be rude, but what I can only say to this, what @Upwardbound’s said once to someone:
“You are asking for an answer that requires an explanation to educate someone who hasn’t bothered to even begin to understand”.


Hi there @Boon_Chuan_Lim,
You can backup you Daedalus by making a copy of the Secrets-1.0 folder and files contained in there. I think it would be a good idea to backup the Wallet-1.0-acid folder also.

The problem then becomes how to save the backup securely? Personally if I were doing this I would zip those 2 folders using a password, but I prefer to use my 12 word passphrase for Daedalus. Here is a screen capture on Mac showing where the files are located. On Windows the files are in %appdata%/Daedalus … if you simply open Windows File Explorer and type %appdata% into the URL bar, you will see the Daedalus folder.

Which operating system are you using? Mac OSX, Linux or Windows?


you want to say that a lot of addresses are generated from one phrase?

Ok. How many addresses are generated after receiving the seed-phrase? if more than one then why they are not displayed in daedalus?

You can generate as many addresses as you like. I recommend playing around with the Daedalus test net version. It’s a great way to get to know everything without any risks. It’s only test-ada, and there is nothing to lose.

Download Daedalus test net wallet from here:

Generate a few addresses and play around sending and receiving ADA, you can even try to restore the wallet.

2 important things to note:
Make sure you are playing around with the actual test net wallet. It looks like this:

You need to request some test-ada to play on this site:


I conducted an experiment. created a wallet and wrote down the seed-phrase. then generated new addresses. after deleted the Secrets-1.0 folder and Wallet-1.0-acid then restored the wallet through the seed-phrase. I received only one address

Generate additional addresses using Receive tab.

(Of course all of the public addresses of one wallet map onto one private address. Strictly speaking, it is the single private address that is generated by the seed phrase, and then the multiple public addresses are derived from that.)

You seem to have missed what @_ilap said, an ‘unused’ address is not visible - but if you make a tx to send funds to the address, it will show up post restoring (regardless of whether you make the tx before ‘deleting’ wallet from Daedalus UI or later). Please go through the material shared.

Also, would be good if you could move any queries outside of the topic of this thread to its own post. Thanks for understanding! :slight_smile:

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How many addresses generated from the genesis address(seed-phrase)? Exact amount

The address space is 2^256. To get an idea how large this is please watch this great video, where the core topic is slightly different but the number is the same:


To be precise, the underlaying Ed22519 Elliptic curve scheme claims the security level
of 128 bits on its finite field Fp, where p=2^255−19.
Though, that’s 128 bit security is more than enough.


You don’t need to backup the files. To backup or restore your Daedalus wallet you ONLY need the 12-word Daedalus wallet recovery phrase. Daedalus is a deterministic wallet. During your first installation, you are asked to once write it down on a piece of paper. All addresses created after installation and Ada’s received are accesable by that one recovery phrase. So if your house and computer burns down you only need to buy a new computer, install Daedalus and input the recovery phrase. So the next question should be where to store the paper recovery phrase :slight_smile: Does this information help?

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