Badges & you earned a badge

Did anyone lately notice on newer forums that are using badges? I found this quite annoying and I wish them to disappear :smiley:
Who gives a shi*t about badges anyway?
If you give me solid argument i could change my view on them :wink:

Who cares? If you donโ€™t like them, just ignore them.

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I like them, Iโ€™m very impressed with his forum so far.

Iโ€™m fairly new. I know this is an old post.

I got a couple of badges - wouldnโ€™t call me an ambassador or anything.

There is a saying in the United States Marine Corps - โ€œDo you want a medal or a chest to pin it on?โ€

Badges are good for monitoring new comer interactions and ambitions. Receiving them provides a member with a sense that they are being observed, not left out, and an illustration of their progress.

They are a little silly - but unless moderators/members want to speak up and provide responses - - - - the badges provide a little more structure.

I personally try to qualify for anything I am eligible for.

Iโ€™m not an expert - but Iโ€™m a big deal in crypto. Just kidding.

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