Balance discrepancy

Hey! Does adalite disclose real time ADA price in USD or CAD? Moved ADA from Exodus to Trezor T (Suite) and now the price for ADA (via adalite) is valued at 80% what other other exchanges are quoting as current price.

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Hi - and the amount of ADA is the same after the transfer?

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It doesn’t impact a lot what the wallet show you (Maybe the real time ADA price in Adalite or another wallet is not in sync). What matters is your total ADA is still the same like what @laplasz ask.

The real-time ADA price is important when you want to sell your ADA in an exchange (Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, etc.).

Hope it helps @jazzgate

Yes, thank you.

Yes, the balance is as it should be. Just curious if adalite simply listed realtime ADA values. Thank you.