Beginner Friendly Cardano Virtual Meetup - Feb 15, 2023

February 15, 2023 - Virtual Meetup 1830 PST
Attendees: 4
General Description:
The group was opened with some general introductions and check-ins with how everyone was doing and what sorts of current events were catching their interest in crypto/blockchain/finance. From this some general themes of interest were identified - specifically interest in how to safely use centralized exchanges, their purpose, and how people end up experiencing harm. Other themes to the questions and observations were around the regulatory things that have been going on.
Conversation centered on these topics and included numerous reflections on the socioeconomic impacts and technosocial impacts of blockchain and a network that is designed with fundamentals such as Cardano. Namely focusing on the unparalleled power of self-custody.
We also ended up sharing some of the work that CarPool instructors are involved in within the State of Nevada with both city and state representatives (ie, mayor, senator, council members, etc…) to revising legislation for the financial sandbox environment. There have been limitations with previous legislation that was written in 2019. We have been involved for a mfew months with representatives on revisions to overcome barriers to innovation. The conversation was inspiring to participants, resulting in requests for copies of some of the documents that had been drafted with interest in approaching participant’s local officials as well.
The meetup ran a bit long because of the enthusiasm. Participants expressed their gratitude for the conversation stating that they were feeling increasingly confident about how to speak about blockchain with their friends, family, neightbors, etc.