Best people to Market crypto to is Tesla community

I think best group of people to Target to market crypto currency in western world are Tesla owners. Teslas podcast should be a great place to post podcasts for cardano effect.

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interesting opinion, care to expand why you think there’s overlaps or synergies between the two?

do you mean on a philosophical perspective, the ecologically sound (proof of stake, sound monetary foundation etc)… or how the technology is being implemented? (i.e tesla open patents, holistic interoperative perspective)

I think Tesla owners are Some of the smartest people around and they are willing to listen with open mind. And are willing to take risk in life to explore the new world and see things from multiple different prospectives.
Story of crypto and Elon’s Tesla motor have been very similar they both have had their share of critics.

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They might also belong to the wealthiest individuals. Have you considered that ?

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Agree but they are very smart with their money.