Beware of address swapping malware!


That’s why is better to check the address before pressing the send button and also first time try to send a small amount


The victim said the problem (appeared) to go away after reinstalling the browser. I think this has to do with browser extensions or some other malware. Please remove any extension you do not use, or use a separate profile for wallets, etc. I also recommend using Brave browser that blocks not only ads, but all kinds of scripts and tracking stuff.

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These are the things which has me feeling a little uncomfortable along with just generally not really tech savvy. I have my Daedalus wallet on my Mac which I find very easy to use and understand, I have also sent and received to addresses no problem. My issue is I have some Ergo which you can’t put in Daedalus only Yoroi wallet, which I can’t download onto my computer as it states, not compatible with this device, needs an apple M1 chip to work which mine obviously must not have. This only leaves me with downloading Yoroi wallet on my smartphone to send my Ergo too, rather than on exchange, but there is no way I would attempt to try this on smartphone after opening the app, just don’t feel confident enough on something with that small a screen, I prefer doing everything on computer. Is there any other wallets like Daedalus that you can download that takes Ergo?

Have you given the Ergo desktop wallet a try?

Hi acyuta, not sure what you mean, when I went to Yoroi Wallet for Mac there was a link to app store for downloading to Mac, if the one your mentioning is different to this I will give it a try. So I would just search for Yoroi desktop rather than apple App Store?

Cheers Dave

Hi again, Just downloaded the Ergo desktop wallet from Ergo site, when I tried to open on Mac its stating. “Ergo Wallet” cannot be opened because developer cannot be verified. This is from the official Ergo site, would have made my life much easier to have something like that on my computer like Daedalus.

If you visit the Ergo website you will see the link I submitted to the desktop wallet

Hi there, When going to the link then clicking on the ergo badge, takes you to another page where it shows how to How to set up and configure a full Ergo node, if this is how you get the desktop version of Ergo desktop, far to complicated for me to even attempt this, was just hoping they had something simple that you could just download like Daedalus. Will just have to wait till everything is up and running properly on blockchain.

I’m sorry to hear that. Indeed it is a bit more involved than one would want to, but I actually did right before replying to your question, just to make sure it works and how hard it would be. It was actually pretty easy, at least on macos. If I were you, I would give it a try, it’s a great exercise to learn a bit on how this tech works, and also, it would be really great for you to move your funds off exchange(s).
Feel free to reply if you need some assistance, I am always happy to help.

Hi acyuta, I agree I should make an attempt at trying this but Im in my sixties and only got involved in crypto with the bitcoin hype, so just been trying to learn a little each day. Maybe in six months I would attempt something like that, but really just a novice with computer stuff, can manage the basic stuff that’s it. Will wait till the blockchain is up and running and just wait on the new wallets which will be here soon. That way I will know the wallet is done properly rather than me trying to work out if Ive done something wrong when attempting to download the Ergo desktop at the finish.

cheers Dave