Binance ADA withdrawals are suspended due to network busy


I got a reply from IOHK yesterday via Twitter. They are aware of this issue and gave assurances they are working round the clock to resolve


I’m wondering if anyone got their ADA from binance in the latest withdrawl possible…some hours ago.


Yes mine went through fine. Took a long time but I did get the coins in my wallet


Lucky u man


Is there any faster way to know about ADA withdrawal as soon as it is available in binance. I hate logging in binance account every time to check.


Using Chrome browser on Win10, I keep a tab open on the Deposits Withdrawals page and just refresh it every so often, seems I only have to log in once a day.


Thanks robjf. I have downloaded binance mobile app and it seams easier for me.


The IOHK team is working hard to resolve existing issues with the exchanges. They’ve been providing updates frequently, you could follow them for updates!


Since 2018/03/01 at 23:55 Hr, I’m waiting to remove ADA from Binance to my wallet.
Always the same display : "Network Busy, Withdrawl Suspend"
it’s a very long wait … without any other information from Binance than the aforementioned display :frowning:


I was able to withdraw last night but I am hearing others can’t at the


I must have missed the window myself. Wanting to withdraw to my wallet as well…lame Binance…


Yes I did. It seemed quick I guess. A friend of mine sent from coinbase and coinbase was the bottleneck of that equation so yeah.


I think, they just use our money for their good. Because u CAN deposit, but CANNOT withdraw. It’s looking very strange. If network is so busy, why can u so easily deposit?


I watched at the price of ADA at 03.01.2018, and right at this date there was a big growth from $0.75 to $1.32 at 04.01.2018. That may mean Binance doesn’t have enough money for withdrawl,cause they sold our ADA for another coin. And now they are waiting for price reducing or, may be, reduce it by themselves. I think they want people to sell as much ADA as possible. And after that they will open withdrawl.


I also thought about this…its easy to do it.
If we thought about it, they had also…for sure :wink:


which means they already know when ADA will increase, to sell it.


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shouldn’t we join them? maybe this one topic title is the most appropriate



Binance has suspended all withdrawals for me for over five days now and only allow me to trade with BTC. I am looking to move the ADA to my Daedalus wallet.


All exchanges are taking very long to respond to anything at the moment, either through higher than normal volume or shady operations. Either way its the end users suffering. I guess we have to just wait it out.


The network was overloaded …