Binance --> Buying --> Filling time

Hi to all.

I tested some low budget ADA trade on binance and what i dont understand is this filling time.
E.g. if ADA prize is 0.00002050 and if this is best -offered- buying price and if i INSTEAD of this price choose 0.00002000 or some smaller, why do i have to wait so long until the fill time is done ?

Second question:

  • can it happen that this filling time wont be compleated at all ?
    I know i have waited once for over a day, before i canceled…


Correct me if I’m wrong, but you seem to be asking: If the lowest price someone is willing to sell ADA for is X, but I am only willing to buy it at price Y (which is less than X), then why does it take so long for someone to sell me ADA at price Y?

Answer: Because no one wanted to sell at the buy price you were offering. Yes, your order may never get filled. If I put in a buy order right now for 1 satoshi, it may never get filled, because who would sell that low…

Play nice please.

Yep, totally agree with @RobjF, as not everybody as smart as you (think you) are.:slight_smile:

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Thank you for your answer. I agree that the question is quite “stupid one” :-), but am new in trading and i didnt understand how can someone offer 10 or 15% lower price…

Please take a look at the photo:

If the offered price is 4000 satoshi’s what are all other prices under that main price ?
Is this just the value ( “what if” or expected value ) that someone is offering if the main value drops under 4000 satoshi’s. ?

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I don’t recommend Binance to new traders Bittrex would be much easier to understand. Offers in general are below the current price. That is what people are “offering” or trying to pay. People put in “offers” in the hopes that as the price goes up and down like ocean waves they will be able to buy at the price they wish.