Binance Smart Chain

I need help as a newbie. I bought 184 ADA and 70 Doge at Binance exchange. I accidentally send both at Binance Smart Chain I thought it was the Binance Wallet. I don’t know how to send it back to Binance Exchange. Did I lose my ADA and Doge? Please help me. Thanks

Contact the binance support

This is the wrong place to ask for help in this case. As Alex already told you, you have to contact the Binance support as its their Chain.

Hi Alex nice to hear from you :grinning: It’s so hard to contact them. Can you recommend any video tutorials on how to learn to use the Binance smart contact and Cardano smart contacts? Can I use the test net as a newbie for practice before using my own money? Thanks

bur what address did u used to retrieve the funds? the transactions (check on binance - transactions history) were successfully? perhaps you have the option to cancel the transactions…

I chat with Binance Customer Support he helped me a lot. I checked under BSCSCAN and I found the transaction on the blockchain. I guess I need BEP 20 now to retrieve my ADA. I don’t know how to do that blockchain transaction. I saw ADA-pegged BNB I guess. I will just leave it there until I’ll figure out how to use the blockchain. Thanks for your reply. God bless us all in ADA community.:heart:


You will need to send them back on binance

Hi Alex any thoughts on ergonauts pool team? They said that they were in the 1stphase of there project and if we stake with them we will receive ERG coin or token instead of ADA. Is this safe and do you recognized them? Thanks

I don’t know, I can’t provide the answer …