Binance --> stop limit

Hi to all.
Am reading this post

but i dont understand one thing on defining lowest trade price.

Let’s say i have 10 iota and that iota’s price is 2 $.
And let’s say i want to sell it at prize of 3 but i want to “pull” my coins out of trade, if the price is lower then $2.
And let’s say :slight_smile: that this $3 price will be reached in 12h or in a day.

1.) how can i set that trading is automatically stopped if the price drops under 2 dollars ?

2.) can i set stop price ( from point one ) but plus option to define highest sell price ?
if lowest price < 2 ----> backup coins and stop trade
wait for price to rise to 3 ----> sell it

Basically, can i automate whole process on the way that program / binance waits until prize rises and make the sell automatically?

3.) I know this is stupid question but, trade will be terminated after i logout from binance ?
I mean,do i have to keep binance open whole day just to ensure that the trade is done / completed ?

Regards !