Binance to Daedalus withdrawal "confimed" with TxID but can't find on block chain and not in wallet

From Binance I have attempted four withdrawals.

3 have been fine - located on block chain and turned top in wallet with no issues.

One has not turned up in my Daedalus wallet. It is confirmed by binance with a TxID but I can’t find the transaction as I could with the others. The address I used was the same as one of the successful withdrawals.

I cannot seem to get much of a response from binance and would be really grateful for some advice.

When did u made the transfer?
Perhaps needs more time;
Sometimes echanges can delay the transactions

Four days ago now.

Then u should contact binance support team for clarifications

I thought as much - thank you for the reply.

Any ideas on the best way to get their attention. Submitted a few requests but no joy so fay…

Did u read this?

Yeah I did, pretty frustrating. I periodically check the block chain to see if it pops up. They seem to want to wash their hands of it once the TxID is confirmed.

Did you check that they left your wallet? It has happened multiple times to me, that Binance confirmed the transaction but never left the wallet, so I had withdraw them again and it worked just fine.

Thank you for suggestion. Just checked and binance wallet is empty