Bitcoin Wallet for Windows


I’m new here so anyone can recomend a trustworthy BTC wallet for Windows. I don’t want to store BTC on exchanges.


Your BTC is stored on the blockchain. The wallets contain your private keys. For best results, you want air gapped, cold storage like Trezor or Ledger Nano. The caveat is if you lose the device, your BTCs are gone.


Your funds will not be lost if you lose your device, as long as you record and keep safe your mnemonic backup phrase. :slight_smile:

If you decide to purchase a hardware wallet to manage your private keys, always buy direct from the manufacturer and avoid Amazon and Ebay as your device may be tampered with before it reaches you.

$120 - no thanks :slight_smile:

You can research Glacier Protocol to learn about the best practices in cold storage.
I recommend Electrum wallet as good alternative also.