Block delay metrics

These are the latest from my BP node. Do these indicate a performance problem with the node or with its relays, or are these normal numbers? The pool is too small to realistically mint a block, so I pay attention to missed slots, which typically don’t occur until the epoch change, so because of that I thought I had the right set up for the BP and relays. The cdfOne and late blocks metric has me wondering if I need a faster connection between the BP and relays. BP node was restarted on Feb 21.

cardano_node_metrics_blockfetchclient_blockdelay_cdfThree 0.9814814814814815
cardano_node_metrics_blockfetchclient_blockdelay_cdfOne 3.7037037037037035e-2
cardano_node_metrics_blockfetchclient_blockdelay_cdfFive 0.9990740740740741
cardano_node_metrics_blockfetchclient_lateblocks 42