Block Producer on Testnet without relay?

Hey team,

I have been part of the Alonzo Purple testnet for a few weeks and all has run great.
I’ve got a relay and a BP node running.

I would NEVER do this on the mainnet of course, but I wanted to leave one block producer on the Alonzo Purple testnet without a relay, and then move another machine as a block producer on the standard testnet. Its just a matter of me not wanting to buy more machines just now.

But when I add more contacts in my BP topology, they only pop up as OUT addresses. Can I get some of these public relays to work as my node producing IN addresses as well so that I can process transaction?
I know this is not secure form, but I am trying to help out on both testnets without buying more machines…
-Sully at RADAR

You will need to run the topology updater on the producer; this way u will announce the Producer IP to the network

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I had run the topology updater and waited until I got the “glad you’re staying with us” log.
Still nothing. Just decided to leave it overnight and now I’m processing transactions.
Not sure what happened differently in that time. I already had both IN and OUT peers. Maybe now I have a couple more of each. Does it just take more time than the 3-4 hours of running topology updater to be ‘accepted’ as a functioning node?
It’s working, though.

Yes, it takes at least 3 hourly heartbeats from your node so the topologyUpdater picks you up into an active nodes list. Then it’s just a wait until other nodes refresh their topology and you get included in their lists.

You should continue running topologyUpdater hourly in order to signal that your node is alive.