Block production issue : Adopted Block was 1. but, there was no reward

Hello. all

I am a owner of small pool Jasmin (Ticker : JASM).
It seems like that one block generated in my pool.

but, I couldn’t find the reward when checking it though “

Could you please help me how to figure out this issue ?

The following figure is the screen capture from PC. You can find the Adopted block is 1.


The block wasn’t confirmed on the blockchain… and I think I know the reasson… u have 0 IN PEERS

can u check?


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Hello. Alexd1985

Thank you for your comment.

And, I have a simple question. ‘0 IN PEERS’ need to be 1 ?
if yes, could you please let me know the reason ?

Best rewards.

need to be ur relay/relays otherwise with 0 IN PEERS connection u can’t send/propagate the block to the blockchain for validation

why u see 0:

  • probably on BP u did not open the port to accept connection from ur relays… u can test from relay

telnet BP_IP 3000
u must see connected

  • if the port is opened then check the topology updater script from relay … check if u added the BP IP + port inside, to custome peers

  • if the port is closed then open it on BP FW to allow connection from ur relays

PS: cntools or coincashew guide?