Blockchain Africa 2021: Charles Hoskinson Keynote Speech - Africa To Become A Future World Power


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Charles mentioned China. Many years ago, China was a poor country with undeveloped terrains and infrastructure. Their main asset was their people. A huge workforce, put to work in factories.

Putting aside the politics, one man rose up from a humble teachers’ background to create the biggest ecommerce site, Alibaba. Jack Ma had a vision to bring the goods that China could produce, in an breathtaking ecosystem (ecommerce was just beginning then) to the world.

You could say that Charles is the `Jack Ma’ of Africa. His vision is to bring all the benefits of Cardano’s massive and rich ecosystem to the unbanked people in the countries in this continent. Yes, there are many challenges, the potential in Africa is hard to tap due to terrorism, politics and poorly developed business & economic systems. This has largely been due to corrupt governments and leaders who have misused the money from deals with western countries and China.

China has spent a lot of money in Africa developing roads, dams and other infrastructure. But not financial or banking. In 2008, I used to campaign against #ivorypoaching where elephants would be killed. Chinese dealers would buy & send them to China to produce into beautiful carvings.

Cardano can do the rest to bring banking, lending and other services to the African people, just as people from the rest of the world can enjoy. Hopefully people could realise that there are other ways for them to create income through business and protect their beautiful wildlife. Perhaps Cardano’s partnerships in Africa could help conservation and to develop the tourism industry. People could come to take photos of elephants, lions and giraffes instead of shooting them dead for some silly photo on Facebook.

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