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Hello to everyone and Congratulations to Cardano on the success of Alonzo. I have a question and i hope i am in the right place for this, if not please excuse me i am new here and please if possible direct me to the right place. I would like to know if Cardano Blockchain could be used on handheld wireless devices other than a cellphone if a cellphone is even possible that is, and if so who in the Cardano community that builds games on Cardano would you suggest i try and communicate with, if you have any suggestions at all. It is a great idea that sparked the interest of NBC Sports years ago so much as to having a phone conference with the head of NBC Sports, it also had the interest of Mattel for manufacturing the product, Yahoo Sports was interested, as well as over 100 other companies involved with sports and gaming whom contacted me about the product. There are over 70 million people ages 10 and up playing this game and it has been growing by the millions each year. It has been many years since this idea and no person has yet to have the same idea, blockchain technology was’nt a thing to my knowledge in 2006 but i am not a technology person, however i am an idea person. Back in 2006 NBC Sports actually wanted to see a working prototype and other companies wanted to see one as well. When it came time to produce a working prototype the invention company i used claimed they could get the prototype built for free by whoever would manufacture the product. That was the last time i heard from them, unfortunately i could not come up with the $80,000.00 dollars it would cost to build the prototype. Thank you for your time and any help if possible, Michael Borski. Proud owner of 2,000 ADA coins and growing! Any help, knowledge or comments are welcome, please contact me at
Thank you kindly, Michael.


You can apply for catalyst funds

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Thank you Alex, much appreciated.

You are welcome, also read here

Good stuff, thanks again Alex.

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