Brazil: developing a Wallet - ADA support


My friend is trying to make an ADA (:ada:) “lightwallet” implementation for a Multi-Currency Wallet. But he said that it’s not easy to find the documentation to do that. He has a beta App with roughly 30 assets. (BTC, ETH, Waves, etc).

Since he already “listed” many coins on his app, I think he could have some point on what he says about the difficulty.

Could someone help him with this implementation? Would be a light-client under a multicurrency wallet.

He said his implementation uses: BIP39 and BIP44

The app uses a mnemonic phrase and password to generate keys on demand.

His objective is to add the top50 coins. He said the easiest coin to add was the Stellar Lumens (XLM).

link of his app:

This wallet is a MVP (Minimum Viable Product). There is a lot of work to do on UI and UX side. It’s opensource.

snapshots of the app:

His contacts: you can ask me :mage:

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a good way to start is probably the reference implementation for a lightweight wallet:


He asked me about 2 testnets now.

He has found 2 testnets to work with and is asking which to use.


  1. One is shown on the explorer (Byron).
  2. Other is “stage”


I guess he found which is a great entry point and there’re a lot of documents. “Stage” or staging is usually the same as a testnet but it runs in your local network.

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Good initiative, maybe that’s why some famous wallets like Jaxx and Coinomi don’t support Cardano. I think it’s important to investigate this…

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Hey Marcus, best way to him get help is on the developers TG

Someone there will definitely help him.

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Guys, huge thanks for the help!

After some research, my friend got a better understanding of ADA address derivation.

Each wallet seems to use a different scheme of derivation (it would upset AdaLite, Yoroi, Daudalus, Paper and Trezor).

He has not yet defined how he will adapt to Cashu (his wallet).

Right now, he is thinking about how to move forward with signing and API for broadcasting options, which would be tight compared to other currencies.

Anyway, he evolved the idea.

Feedback: AdaLite reference was the best option he found until now. I think we could have good news in 3 weeks… :blush:

Thanks again!

Thanks @MrBrinker, @Chess and @adatainment.

Rodrigo got progress. I’ve tested the last release and we successfully did:

(1)Yoroi to Yoroi sent and receiving ADAs;
(2)Yoroi to Daedalus sent and receiving ADAs;

There were some issues. We will try to improve that. :mage:t4:

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Cool. Always nice to see more support for Cardano


The Yoroi address scheme is the one that will be used by all clients in the future so go with that one (this is what the Rust codebase encourages you to use also).
Unfortunately Yoroi (and Icarus in general) doesn’t support the testnet – only staging. This will be fixed once we migrate Icarus to the Rust backend.

You can ping any of us on the Telegram dev chat if you have any questions about implementation details of Yoroi.


You can ping any of us on the Telegram dev chat if you have any questions about implementation details of Yoroi.

Thanks for the support, @SebastienGllmt!

We will focus on Yoroi address scheme. I’ll forward to Rodrigo the staging answer.

About the tests: we got some “communication problem” messages, but the transactions worked.

Thanks, @Josseh80! :+1:t4:

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