I return from being out in town (USA) and log on to see news online of 16 inmates in a Brazilian prison being beheaded. My heart sank.

Though few Catholics know it, of those that do fewer follow it, “love” is defined or characterized as this in Catholicism: to desire the good of the other.

I desire the good of the Brazilian people and not mere symbolism for the Brazilian people. What good would it be for your people to have a President as black as night, a woman with hair the longest on earth, a transsexual with the biggest breast, any of the 3 as President but your country fundamentally remains the same (in not it good aspects but its worst aspects).

Sixteen human beings Brazil. Your prisons are horrendous and return a violent people back to your communities.

I want to hear about Brazil being like Germany, Netherlands, Japan.

Across the globe no matter our race, religion, sex, gender identity, country… to some small extent to some great extent we all got involved in Cardano in the hopes the world can be made a little bit better for everyone. Not just for the richest and most beautiful and those blessed to be born in “1st world” countries… but that from Ethiopia to Brazil even the person from humble origins can benefit. It breaks my heart to hear this about Brazil. My condolences to all in that nation affected and effected. And please take the spirit of Cardano and push for a better Brazil for all (not just the rich, well connected, and not just bankers with armed bodyguards.)

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