Building Cardano SL from source

I am trying to build Cardano SL from source based on this doc :slight_smile:

all goes fine until I get to this cmd:
[~/cardano-sl]$ ./scripts/build/

I end up getting this error which I have not been able to find a way to resolve:
Configuring lzma-conduit-…
Cabal-simple_Z6RU0evB_1.24.2.0_ghc-8.0.2.exe: Missing dependency on a foreign
* Missing (or bad) header file: lzma.h
* Missing C library: lzma

any clue can help!
Thanks in advance.

hmm I did not run into that issue. could try manually downloading and installing that ‘C library Izma’, maybe your computer’s environment is different than the guy who made the tutorial. would have to look up Izma.

this guy Raha says he already has Izma and he’s getting your error still. DAEDALUS plugin system wish I could help more

figured it out!
lzma was installed(sudo cabal install lzma) but I had to run this as well: sudo apt-get install liblizma-dev
this did it! yes! :smiley: moving on

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may i ask what linux flavor do you use to build it?

a VM on my windows machine with latest ubuntu on it

If that’s the case you may be interested in [Video tutorial] Building Daedalus/Cardano-SL on Ubuntu

I have created an alpine-based docker image for cardano-sl node. You can start a cardano-sl node with only one command! Please have a try here: :grin:


@SebastienGllmt seems like this file is private and I dont have permission to access this file.
I get this:

coool, ill give a try soon. thanks :slight_smile:

Do you known how to run the cardano-sl node in dev mode with a wallet and some ADA on it (to test transaction and other things via API)?