Building the Cardano Dream Team with Tamara Haasen | TCE 78

Blast off with the high energy, charismatic crypto-leader @Tamara_Haasen! As she once again returns to TCE, in this exclusive interview, Tamara tells about her, journey, goals and roles at the Cardano Foundation and Chief of Staff at IOHK, while building dynamic and effective leadership teams in blockchain. She also took the time to answering questions from the community!

Check it out here:


What a beast she is…a beauty with brains and balls, working 24/7. Great to listen to,

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I really like that Tamara is part of Cardano. I think that see needs to be shown more to the masses in videos, interviews etc. Because she is very well spoken and grounded and she also instills such confidence in the project. I like Charles, but having a grounded woman like Tamara speaking for ADA is like another dimension.

She needs to be more visible around ADA i think. That would definitely help ADA grow a lot more, not just in $ but in interest around ADA in general.

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