C₳RDANO Cast. an informed community

i’ve felt let down as a member of this community. so i’m doing some thing about it.

C₳RDANO Cast, was/is the top community selected name for the then proposed podcast from the tweet from charles. the name was suggested by user “look_what_you_made_me_do” aka @whogivesashitserious

join me in a live streamed conversation (google hangout cardanocast@gmail.com) this sunday, 3 of feb at midday gmt. where i’ll be voicing my hopes and intentions. I hope to hear yours too.

i believe that an informed community (not a thin we network, but a thick we community) is a competitive moat atop C₳RDANO which will be transformative of the nature of trust in ways that are quite possibly beyond our comprehension.

the latent potential in what C₳RDANO can and will become is greater than the sum of any and all of our egos. so, here’s to humility, autonomy and proactive progress, that is as exponentially effective as it is transparently accountable.

anyone and everyone’s welcome. (you may post questions here ahead of time)

C₳RDANO Cast of Challengers, Contenders, Creators, Curators, Communicators, Characters…

…this is a developing story / work in progress…


I have little to offer such a “Cast” but for sure I am willing to attend and contribute the bit I am able with my personal opinion, let’s do it!

I obviously have an interest in art and creativity and wonder if the stream will have structure at all? If so can some time be dedicated to the arts and how they contribute to every community and how they contribute to the growth/adoption of Cardano?


there is no such thing. :face_with_monocle:

great question, for this/these first ones i’m think having a looser approach to get a reading on what’s on the community’s mind so to speak, then gradually streamline into a structure.

one thing i definitely want to be aware of is peoples time. it’s my intention to value it especially in this age of information overload! so it’s in the best interest of all for an influenced structure to form, and as a constraint i’m thinking a tight half an hour every sunday would be an aspiration.

yes. this is at the heart. counter to the majority tech centric content. not just because, but for the reason that is - it’s what is needed for this next phase in the adoption curve, moving into early adopter/mainstream.


for those of you keen on joining in on our open community call, here’s the link: https://youtu.be/BoTBdZM3bwU

looking forward to sharing and hearing ideas! :relieved:

Apologies for the delay, Technical Difficulties, youtube stream not connecting to server :frowning:

aaaaand, we’re live!

join me in a live streamed conversation via google hangouts (https://hangouts.google.com/) Email: cardanocast@gmail.com Now! :smiley:

YT is not streaming anything. Is there an issue?

Sorry I won’t join hangout, I’m sick and have a headache.

hey @Piotr, thanks for reaching out! sucks not feeling well, hope you get well soon.

YT is saying that i’ve been live for like less than ten minutes… it’s been a bit of a technical difficulties things, but i felt sure that i was now live, but apparently not… :thinking:

could you let me know if this link works? https://youtu.be/X28b7-K2rLo

after much tech difficulties…

thank you to those who tuned in, the two to three of us. all big things have small beginnings.

You could interview people who are working on their own Cardano initiatives, like me. :wink:

absolutely, that’s exactly the idea. Would quite like to hear the anarchist (merch?) idea you’ve mentioned you’re working on.

you have a different perspective and approach which i think is what we need more of, not what i feel is happening here on the forum where it’s not welcome as it’s risk averse.

i’ll privately message you so we can talk and arrange.