Can a Daedalus wallet be monitored via my cell

Is there a way I can mounted on my wall via my cell?

Could you give some more detail on exactly what you’re trying to achieve?

Edit: on second thoughts I’m pretty sure Yoroi mobile will do what you want, just restore your existing wallet in it.

What country do you live in? I sincerely owe you because at this point I don’t want to mess things up.

I’ll keep this between us but thank you for at least pointing me in the right direction. For all I know I could’ve been had an offer directions at once or headed south but it sounds like I should be headed north.

I’m in South Carolina. One day we will meet

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You don’t owe me anything mate, I do what I can in here for the project :grin:

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Unfortunately, I’m wired different.

You’re certainly welcome to have a clean slate with me. I’m one of the top 20 CPA (sort of like a chartered accountant In the United States. Sounds like you’re from Europe but it’s a small world.

My email is

My cell number is 01 because it’s United States. 862–432-3849.

I’m currently on the East Coast about a 10 Hour Dr. S. of New York City. If you find Myrtle Beach that’s where I am.

2 hrs north of Charlestown. Look up and you are welcome.

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