Can anyone explain this headline "Cardano [ADA] to be left behind post IOHK- ZenCash [ZEN] collaboration" [solved, no]

I was wondering if anyone read the following article:

Cardano [ADA] to be left behind post IOHK- ZenCash [ZEN] collaboration

The article makes its sound if IOHK is abandoning Cardano. Can anyone from IOHK or the Cardano team explain this? Is it accurate or inaccurate? If this has been address elsewhere, please post the link and my apologies in advance. - Thanks!

no one can explain it, including the author, since the whole article looks like a bad auto-translation that no one bothered to fix. I mean why would you even pay any attention to an article that says:

IOHK is a website that serves as a storage place for cookies which gather information on the computer.


It’s BS


Thanks for the quick response. Hope this quashes any other future questions about this. Thanks again!

Pretty sure this “article” was created by an aggregate bot.