Can I run the node without building from source?

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I am trying out with hosting my own pool on AWS. From all the resources I can find, they all recommend operators starts from building everything from source. However this is a bit of hassel, and I do notice there are executables for cardano-node and cardano-cli directly available. Why can’t I just load the executables to my machine and run them directly, seems more deterministic and much easier this way (for people who are upgrading nodes or operating a large pool)? any extra configuration I missed that’s necessary in the described build from source steps?


Hello there,

I am going to be honest with you. I been trying to get my node running for about a week only and one thing I can tell you is that nothing in this journey is just “easy”. You need to be determined and willing to learn a lot to be able to run a pool. Best of luck with everything and I can help you as best as I can.

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You don’t need to build from source, nor do you need to worry about topology updates, nor is it necessary to jump through hoops to see some monitoring and your have the freedom to do this on Intel or on Arm64 (i.e. the RaspberryPi)