Can I use my Trezor Model T for both Yorio and Nami wallets?

I have always only used the Yorio wallet with my Trezor Model T.
I now had to have a Nami wallet for my NFTs.

Can I use the same Trezor to keep the assets from Yorio and the assets from Nami?

Regards and thanks

If you use your Trezor with both wallets, you are using the same keys just with a different wallet.

This means you will see the exact same information on Nami and Yoroi if you connected them with your Trezor.

Not quite. Nami uses only your first address, so balance will look differently (but there will be a pop-up informing you about it).

And you have to transfer everything you want to use in Nami to that first address.

If you want to use both in parallel for the long-term that will be very cumbersome. has a compatibility mode in the settings that makes it much easier to use in parallel with Nami.

(Or you use a subaccount. In Nami you can “Add Account”. These subaccounts are protected by the same secret. Yoroi doesn’t know about them and will not show them, so Nami can do its thing.
EDIT: Just tried. Unfortunately Nami adds the account to the seed phrase wallet and not to the hardware wallet, so this is not an option.)

Also: Nami does not offer to connect hardware wallets on the start screen. You first have to create a normal wallet and only then can connect a hardware wallet. Be cautious to use the one protected by the Trezor and not the other one.

EDIT: says that you cannot use dApps (SundaeSwap, …) with hardware wallets up to now, expected for March. Don’t know if Nami can do it just now.