Can someone help me to know more (cryptopia hack) about cardano

Hello, i have sent 8600 cardano to cryptopia the 20 december and never receive them into my wallet
i sent message to support and they answer me to wait (dev holiday…) and never had news between…
anyway here is the tx id

i would like to know if the wallet fund are safe or they get dissipear (hacked) (i ask blockchain expert)
because i can see the final balance is 0

it would help me to know if im gonna get back my funds …

thank you very much

Unfortunately there is no guarantee you will get your ada back, but it is possible. It looks like the New Zealand police are investigating the case.

Realistically it is unlikely, but hopefully they are able to reimburse you somehow. I wish the best for you and hope you are able to get your ada back.

thansk you for your answer Josh,
yes i hope that they will refund users …16 millions dollars is a lot but not that much for big exchange
does someone know if the wallet is empty ? because i can see final balance is 0 so im not sure what to think on this transaction
thanks you very much

If you need a new exchange try coinswitch it is what I use to purchase all my ada after my coins were not able to withdraw on binance

I’m not sure how their system works, some exchanges have cold storage wallets for safe keeping and hot wallets for day to day withdraws., but I think a lot of the time the coins get rerouted into some larger wallet after a deposit.

@Ady_Tech were the 8600 Ada sent/deposited into the exchange wallet which never appeared then (20th Dec)? (cause if so then the block explorer transaction should be evidence enough, and i don’t think it’d have been not processed by the node being run by iohk, so it’d definately be them having done something with it on their end)

or did you leave your Ada on the exchange and are you now saying that you are unable to retrieve your funds after this recent hack they had?

thanks for your answer guys

i sent from Binance to Cryptopia the 20 december and i never received into my Cryptopia wallet and when i follow the tx ID i can see that the final balance is 0 , so im even not sure the transaction is done or confirmed , im not that good into block explorer thing,
their support said this “Dev are in Christmas Holiday” …twice time before the hack …
and the 10 january (last message) “we will answer soon we have appropriate answer to your problem” that the last message from them …

After send them multiple request to search a bit more about the ADA that was sent to Cryptopia
after they answer me that there is 0 ADA on my wallet, it was a fight but finnally i got positive answer…
look like the liquidator where not aware that Cryptopia had Cardano wallet…

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for contacting us.

Thanks a lot for bearing with us with the tickets you’ve submitted about your missing ADA deposit. I have the ability to be able to go through our old tickets, and found the ticket you sent about this missing deposit. At the time, Cryptopia was rebuilding the Cardano (ADA) wallet and your deposit was not recorded. It looks like Cryptopia entered liquidation without fully fixing the ADA wallet, which is why your deposit was not recorded. I will have your details added to the claims registration once we have identified absolutely all missing deposits like this. Thanks for highlighting this for us - we will need to investigate to see exactly how long this wallet and other wallets may have been offline for, prior to the hack and the liquidation.

Let’s keep this ticket open - it will be some time before we’re able to add your details to the registration process, but I will keep you updated as best I can. It will be some time before the next update - but please feel free to reply here with any questions you may have in the meantime.