Can wallets in Daedalus be merged?

I just created a hardware wallet in Daedalus but my funds are in a Daedalus software wallet. Is there a way the 2 can be merged or do I have to send funds from the software wallet to the hardware wallet then re-delegate ? I was hoping to avoid the re-delegation but that seems to be what I must do.

That is what you must do yes. Merging would defeat the object of a hardware wallet; Might as well keep the software wallet.

Send a small amount to your hardware wallet. Delegate it. After the snapshot send the rest.

Leave 10 ada in your software wallet to pay the fees to withdraw and send rewards earned after you move your ada out. As rewards are +1 epoch, so once your ada is sent out, you will still receive rewards for that epoch.

Then to stop your wallet receiving dust as rewards, restore in yoroi and use the deregister feature.

Edit: read my last two comments also, as waiting for 2 snapshots is likely the answer

So by sending a small amount to the hardware wallet, delegating, and waiting until the next epoch to send most of the rest I won’t miss out on rewards ? Then leave 10 ada in the software wallet for 1 more epoch ?
I don’t understand why I need to restore in yoroi and de-register. Can’t I just delete the software wallet in Daedalus ?

That’s correct.

You can delete from daedalus, but that wallet is not really deleted, it still belongs and always will belong on the blockchain. If you just remove it from your daedalus it will continue collecting small amounts of lovelace as rewards. Nothing wrong with that, up to you

I have been thinking about it, to be on the safe side, to make sure you don’t miss rewards. It might be best to leave a small amount in your hardware wallet for two snapshots. Completely up to you, it takes a min of 15 days (3 epochs) to receive rewards and a max of 20 days (4 epochs).

So just allowing for one snapshot might not be enough, two snapshot would mean the wallet is then active.

Keep the majority of your ada in the software wallet while you wait, when you do move your ada out leave a small amount of ada in your software wallet to pay the transaction fee to remove the last rewards when they come through

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So once the hardware wallet shows that it is actively delegating then it should be OK to transfer the rest of the ada minus 10 or so ? Ill wait for 2 snapshots to be safe.

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Yes :blush: perfect