Can you have the same wallet in Mainnet and Catalyst?

I have my Deadalus Mainnet wallet already funded and delegated.
Today I found out in order to participate in Catalyst I need Deadalus Catalyst, which I just got and its syncing right now.
I wonder, if I restore my current wallet in Deadalus Catalyst using the 24 words, the wallet is the same and I will see it in both apps (D. Mainnet and D. Catalyst), and delegation wont get affected by this correct? Its just a different software with different features (and I understand D. Catalyst might not be as stable as D. Mainnet).

It’s the same wallet if you’re using the same seed phrase. Your delegation wouldn’t change by restoring your wallet into the Catalyst version. You can verify by checking the delegation center in the Catalyst version once it’s done syncing. Like you mentioned, the Catalyst version provides the extra features needed for voting and if I’m not mistaken, I believe the goal is to eventually have these features in the main version one day.

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Be sure to read the important note:

" Important note: we have endeavored to ensure that Daedalus Catalyst releases are as safe and secure as regular mainnet releases. However, as this is an experimental wallet, we cannot guarantee the same level of stability or reliability. Daedalus Catalyst connects to mainnet, and makes real ada transactions so please exercise caution as you would using any mainnet wallet. Please note that transactions created in Daedalus Catalyst use real ada. We recommend that only the more technically competent members of our community who are already familiar with Daedalus and other crypto wallets use Daedalus Catalyst wallet.