Cannot Deregister / Unstake ADA on Yoroi

That is surprisingly hard to research, given the amount of scams out there.

At least, I found that they are really using Zendesk:

At the bottom of that page.

And Logs should not contain any secrets. …

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hi, I’m having the same problem that this guy. I stacked in Yoroi with Trezor more than a year ago, and now I can’t unstake capital+rewards… I don’t care about rewards at all but how to get the capital back? The problem is with trezor or Yoroi? Thanks!

Connect the trezor on and try from there


I logged in there and now it appears, seems like it went through even though I was getting the error messages. Now on both of them adalite and yoroi the balance is in the wallet BUT when I check the cardanoscan the wallet has 0 founds… I have to transfer the staking ADA to the wallet or something like that? Can I spend this ADA in any website without moving the founds (cardanoscan is so confusing, and I have like 20 wallets in Adalite, definetly not for new users).

On, check the balance for all wallet (total controlled stake) not for one specific address

ohh okay, I appreciate your help a lot! thanks!

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Hey there!

I hope you managed to resolve your issue. Are you able to unstake and withdraw now? I never managed to solve my issue unfortunately.

Did u tried

I think it’s fixed… I really don’t understand that cardanoscan and the multiple wallets. It seems like the wallet where the funds are is the key for staking but it’s not the wallet you see as #1 or #2 etc. I will try to use the funds in the next days and I will know if it’s really solved or not.

If someone of Cardano read this : how do you think this will get mainstream if we need to register in a forum to access our funds ? And yes I’m in crypto since 2020, so can’t imagine a true new comer here.

Apparently, there will be new wallets for the next phase of Cardano. Let’s hope all issues have been resolved

Perhaps, a true newcomer would have less assumptions of how it is supposed to work.

But, yes, the introductions are not very detailed.

And it’s complicated by the fact that everyone seems to use terminology a little bit differently.

Cardanians tend to call the thing protected by a specific seed phrase a wallet. A wallet can have multiple accounts (the #1, #2, … in Adalite), but not so many people use them, partly because Daedalus and Yoroi do not support more than one account.

In BIP-32, these accounts are called wallets. So, it seems in Bitcoin land you can have multiple wallets per seed phrase.

Most wallet apps in Cardano generate lots of addresses for each wallet (and each account in a wallet), while there are others (Nami, …) that only use a single address per wallet/account (as seems to be usual with some other cryptocurrencies).

Each wallet/account has a stake address (there could be more stake addresses per account, but up to now no wallet app has opened that additional can of worms) and this stake address is encoded into every address of that wallet. That’s why they have a larger identical part in the second half (minus the last six characters, which are checksum) and that’s also why Cardanoscan can tell you, which addresses belong to your wallet – all that have the same stake address encoded into them.

So, in Adalite you always see a single wallet (it can’t open more than one, you have to log out and give another seed phrase, connect another hardware wallet to see another wallet). This wallet may have multiple accounts. And each account has a single stake address and lots of receive addresses. Your balance (and stake) for each account is the sum of all the addresses in that wallet, with that stake address encoded into them plus the rewards already at the stake address.

ohhh Okay, now has sense what’s happening with the explorer and the wallets I searched for showing 0 balance. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I’m too used to 1 seed phrase multiple wallets with pretty different addresses.