Cannot install ADA app in Nano - Not enough space?

Hi all,

Updated firmware to 1.5.5 and latest LedgerLive app.
I only have BTC and ETH apps installed in ledger and now as I try to add ADA (Cardano) I am getting the error:

“Sorry not enough storage left, uninstall some APPs”

Have I missed a step here?


Not, the Ledger has storage issues since the 1.5.5 firmware update. They’re working on a fix…
If you don’t own ETH or BTC remove one of those apps to make room for the ADA app.

I see. Ok good to know. Guess I have to wait again.
I had to wait for a fix to Yoroi wallet to get my funds off Deadalus too but I used to waiting now.

Many thanks.

Next week probably…

there is an app that can be deleted from your ledger nano s, I can’t remember what the name is but if I recall it is a 2factor identification app, not a coin app.You can delete that and maybe that will make enough room for ada. I have ADA, BTC, XRP all on my nano s.

The Bitcoin app is only needed if you are using other Bitcoin-Clone apps because they share the same code base.

Basically you can always delete any app on the Nano Ledger S to make more space. If you reinstall it later your coins are still their (in case this was not obvious)

Thanks Guys,

I literally only have BTC and ETH installed on Ledger. No other app. I understand I can delete one to free space but might as well wait for the fix. ;>

Appreciate the advice though.

The app you are mentioning is The Fido U2F option. It just lets you use the Ledger as a security token for logging into sites like Gmail, Dropbox, Github, etc.
You can indeed delete it if you don’t use it in order to gain some space.

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Ledger announced that they will be releasing a patch next week which will shrink the size of the Ethereum app. Perhaps, try to wait if that helps.

Previously i had the same issue you are having when trying to install NEO, I had BTC and ETH and room for nothing else. Personally, I deleted the Ethereum App, it seems to be pretty large. I have BTC, ADA and NEO apps on my ledger now.

It really is super simple to just delete an app and reinstall it when you need it. Unless you use ETH transactions a lot I’d remove that one, I keep NEO installed for claiming GAS.

Yoroi makes it really simple to get up and running with Cardano on Ledger, and you can still see your balance/transactions etc without the ledger connected, so i’d still be tempted to get my ADA on the ledger anyway if I were you. If you don’t make many ADA transaction, just uninstall and add ETH back onto your Ledger.

I have 2 nano s (with the same keys). This provides a backup in case I ever lost or had one nano stolen. I use the 2nd nano to generate keys for coins which I HODL so I only install the app I need at the time for key generation- then delete the app afterwards so nano app space is never a real issue for me