Can't open Wallet



Hi all,

I am trying to open my wallet. I have downloaded the official wallet hours ago and it is still syncing blocks, it now now on 27.51%. Is this normal?

I have a mac book pro (2015) which runs on macOS High Sierra 10.13.2



Yes, this is normal. It took 6+ hours for my wallet to sync blocks. Good time to go out for a walk or grab some coffee!

After it was done, works like a charm!



Thanks mate!
It is now 22:12 PM, so I need to prepare myself for a long and deep sleep.
I think I wont wait 6 hours, Can I in mean time buy Ada from Binance and store them there?


Yes, you can buy ADA on Binance with Bitcoin or Ether, choose whichever one gets you more ADA.

Since you don’t have Daedalus synced yet, your ADA will remain with Binance until you move it to your wallet.

When I did my transfer, it only cost 1 ADA! Wish I could say the same about moving my Bitcoin!