Cardano 2nd Anniversary AMA Contest

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Hello all!

Our 2nd anniversary is just around the corner! We want to thank you for being with us for the past two years. We feel blessed to be the caretakers of such a smart, committed, highly contributive and welcoming community. Wishing to celebrate our journey with our whole community, we have prepared some online events and you’re invited!

Our first campaign is an AMA Contest!

AMAs have been the most valuable method for us to interact with our community. This is why we brought up an AMA as one of our key campaign events.

What is the AMA contest?

We want to know what are the most important questions you’d like answered. Please submit your questions in this topic. Our ambassadors will select the top 30 questions. After that, our whole community has the right to vote (by liking the best questions).

Out of these 30 questions, the ten most popular questions will be answered by Charles and other leaders representing the three entities - David Esser, Hinrich Pfeifer, Ken Kodama - in the 2nd-anniversary meet-up, which will be held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on September 28 (Sat) 2019 (tbd).


  • The creators of the top 10 most-liked questions will be awarded USD 100 per person.
  • 20 people out of all voting participants will be selected via a “Lucky Draw” and receive USD50 per person.

Question Categories:

We will select four research & development questions (to be answered by IOHK), three community and ecosystem related questions (which will be answered by Cardano Foundation), and three venture and partnership related questions (which will be answered by EMURGO) for the final top 10 questions.


  • September 5 (Thu) - 15 (Sun) 2019: Community members submit questions

  • September 16 (Mon) - 17 (Tue) 2019: Cardano Ambassadors vote for 30 top questions

  • September 19 (Thu) - 22 (Sun) 2019: Community members vote (likes) for their favorite questions

  • September 28 (Sat) 2019 (tbd): Top 10 questions will be announced with answers from Cardano team in the Bulgaria meet-up place


  • 1. The Contest will run from September 5, 2019, 00:00 a.m. Swiss time to September 15, 2019, 11:59 p.m.
  • 2. If there happen to be more than 10 questions which have the same number of likes, the Cardano Community Team will decide which to put forward.
  • 3. You can submit your questions in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. If questions are not submitted in English, our community managers will add English translation in the questions.
  • 4. If the same questions are asked, the first submitted question will be qualified for ambassadors’ voting.
  • 5. 20 voters who will receive rewards will be chosen through Wheel Decide software in mid-October. The lottery drawing process will be recorded for transparency.
  • 6. We encourage you to share your questions through social media so that they can increase their chances of getting more ‘likes’.
  • 7. Before moving to our ambassadors’ voting, our community team may delete questions, if they violate our ‘Community Code of Conduct’.
  • 8. You may create multiple questions and/or votes (likes), but not multiple forum accounts, and anyone who does will automatically exclude themselves from our campaigns (and forum).
  • 9. The final decision regarding the awards/rewards lies with the Cardano Foundation and the Community Team.
  • 10. This contest shall be governed according to the laws of Switzerland.
  • 11. Payments will be made to your PayPal or bank account. There can be potential transaction fees and taxes which will differ by country and will be paid by award/reward recipients.
  • 12. Please do not answer or discuss any questions on this thread: it is only for posting them.

Give us your best shot, and thank you in advance for participating in this contest!


IOHK, the Cardano Foundation and EMURGO.


My question : Has development experience gained during subsequent Byron and Shelley releases marked eventual restrains or showed possible expands of Cardano future potential in your opinion ?


What will probably be the first commercial application that uses Cardano smart contracts?


for IOHK. Are you planning to bring any new cool features for Cardano platform in 2020, which haven’t been originally planned and announced? Maybe there’s some new ongoing research we don’t know about.
I ask that because you’ve had to postpone or abandon some cool features, like K-framework, RINA, complete quantum resistance, but maybe there’s something even better being researched :slight_smile:


When can I buy @rickymac a taco? :taco: :+1:


According to Charles, what would be the best usecase for Cardano’s STO


If the Cardano project succeeds in changing the world, will Charles be more a revolutionary or an inventor.


There’s a lot of emphasis on Shelley and Goguen right now, which I agree is very important to get out. However, I think Basho is just as important for most real-world use cases. So what is the status of Basho research? Is it on schedule to meet the current roadmap goals and implementation in 2020?


Regarding the upcoming Plutus update and Goguen:
Will there be a collection of proven to be secure Smart Contracts which one can select out of a library and modify?
If yes, how will such a library be realized, curated and kept secure?


What is the relationship between Atala and Cardano?
If Atala expands further and connects with Cardano Network, please explain the utility.


Let’s say ETC and ADA became fully interoperable. Would it then be possible to “mine” ADA by mining ETC? Some sort of direct atomic swap and fixed ratio of ADA:ETC? Could this also add even more security to the ADA blockchain?


Now that we are in the Blockchain boom where major companies and banks are developing their own initiatives, how does Cardano see itself among giants of industry coming to stake their claim in the revolution?

Relavant link:


There’s a Security Token Project called Polymesh, where Charles is involved.
What is the meaning of Polymesh for Cardano and where are the interconnections (opportunities/pitfalls) to cardano/ADA? Is Polymesh a necessary driving force for cardano/ADA to force adaption, a nice support or even a competitor? What’s the state-of-the-art and is there a timeline?


Will there be a connection between poly and cardano?


Will atomic swaps be possible within the Cardano platform in the near future?


Does Cardano plan to evolve beyond 3rd country exposure towards the west?


Will it be possible to stake ADA that is for example “time-locked” in a smart contract?


How likely do you think is it that Wolfram Alpha offers an oracle service in the future?


From a technical point of view (and beyond just smart contracts), what does Cardano need to do to roll out turn-key solutions, i.e. the financial infrastructure that can power entire country’s economic activity?

As a technology Cardano could host identities (i.e. digital passports), land records,
a banking system, stock markets, corporate accounts, [automatic] tax collection to name a few.

What’s exactly needed at this very point to achieve that? How close are we to that state of affairs?


How big of a threat is the increasing number of blockchain patents, filed by huge corporations like Bank of America, to the development of Cardano?