Cardano Blockchain Honolulu Meetup Group

Hey everyone, I went ahead and created a Cardano Blockchain Honolulu Meetup Group.

For those in around and Hawaii, please feel free to join.

There was some interest from people on business trips to Hawaii dropping in as well, so feel free to join to find out when the meetups will be.

Meetups will start small and be general in scope/scale to start with. However, as general interest in Cardano grows, I hope this group to grow as well.


Interesting. I might swing by.

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Hey Jace,

Go ahead and join the group to be aware of when the meetups will be happening.

Also, if you let me know around when you’ll be in town I’ll try my best to make it so you can attend. It would be great to meet other Cardano believers from the forums!

Another group calls themselves ADAvocates, but I was thinking of maybe calling ourselves Lovelacers. :smiley:

Hi @CryptoGambler!

Great to see our Cardano community is growing in all corners of the world :smiley: Hawaii is actually one of my favourite places (Kauai especially).

We would love to jump on a quick call to see how we can help get you set up! Let me know if you’re interested.

Hi Maki!

Sounds good. I’ll send you a message.

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