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Check-In 013 :white_check_mark:

Victor Corcino (who I was surprised wasn’t on the speaker ballot for the Summit) gave an update on the Mediation Training & Certification program that Loxe is running.

Lucas talked about his progress on AdaInk.
Not a new face in the community, but to this group, Hassan Michael also gave an update on the very interesting project he’s working on. You gotta take part in these sessions to know more though. Next opportunity next Monday at the usual time.

We will revisit the time of these check-ins early November. This will be communicated through Discord.

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We did another public working session today.
We ended up doing a SWOT Analysis for Loxe.

Check-In 014 concluded.
Victor Corcino gave an update on Terra Cognita that he’s been working on with AIM.

As I’m writing this post, I’m listening to the soundtrack for Terra Cognita that he shared with attendees of the check-in. I’m looking forward to the game, which will have a first release tentatively in Q1 of 2023.

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Check-In 015

After a small Q&A, we split into breakout rooms. We were at one point 9 folks today, but only captured a screenshot when we were back to 7.

We also changed our meeting time going forward to Mondays at 9 am PST / 5 pm UTC.
Feel free to also drop by into our discord: Cardano Builders

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After our Cardano Builders working session to get some folks up to speed on our SWOT analysis, we talked some more: Mass layoffs, opportunity, developer expectations, VC-funding, Catalyst, Gimbalabs and the Gimbal Token and other Cardano-related topics. Mostly it was me venting.

Reminder that the next Check-In is Monday at 9 am PST and the next public work session will be around the same time next Friday. Join our discord to join in on the conversation.

In the public recording of Check-In 016, I provided an update on our work on DeFLECT.
I also ask for more stakeholder input. The form for that can be accessed here:

As always, it was a good conversation in our 1h-long space, despite reduced attendance due to people traveling to the Cardano Summit.

Just re-created the meetup group as a public group. Please join

Small session today - probably due to the Cardano Summit happening.
Nonetheless, we filled the hour with good conversations.

References from the video

Another small virtual meet-up. I’d say this is an example of where voting did not work. We had a poll a few weeks ago to find a new time so more regular participation could take place. We picked the new time based on the winner in majority votes.
Last week we could blame it on the Summit, but today we could not. Oh well… Alex and I had a great conversation - the video highlights some of the topics we touched on.

Hope to see you next week.

We took a break last week, but we’re back with our weekly check-ins.

Here’s the recorded part where Victor Corcino gave on update incl. the Q&A session.

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Last Cardano Builders Check-In of 2022.

We’ll be back on January 2nd.
Come join our new meetup group:


Happy New Year!

We had a nice 90 minutes conversation across various topics for Check-In 021 today.
One of the things that was brought up by Victor was another Hackathon that we want to run. We’ll probably announce it within the next two weeks. I’m sure it’ll be up for discussion again next week.

Hope to see you there.

P.S. We switched to Google Meet. See the meeting url in our meetup page or discord.

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Check-In 022 in the books.

You can watch 10 minutes of our 1 hour long session here:

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This is a nice meetup, do you welcome listeners? Or all participants must be builders? I shared your meetup with my local community.

Everyone is welcome. Especially people who may want to build - but don’t know exactly yet what or how - are highly encouraged to help as well.

Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:


Check-In 023 with a new face in the books. Hope to see you again next week.


New Cardano Builders Ideathon announcement in the recording.