"Cardano Capers" - An original Cardano based GAME!

Hi Cardano Family.

We are very proud to release to the community our completely original game “Cardano Capers”.


We created this game as a thank you to the community and to hopefully bring you some fun. We are not advertising our pool or spamming in any way, we just want to provide you with the opportunity to play the game.

No registration or sign up is required.

Can you help Charles collect the ADA and escape the tar monster?
Can you spot and collect the special Quantum blocks?
Make sure you stake your ADA when your wallet is full to get those special multipliers!

3 levels and an extra bonus level, follow Charles as he leaves his ranch en route to somewhere special.

Let us know your feedback and tell us what you think. We hope you like it.
Cardano Capers

The operators of Elite Stake Pool

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Hey @EliteStakePool
that is an very interesting game :open_mouth:

In my opinion there are some improvements possible:

  • An explanation in the beginning which symbol means what. (Because of the red ! i tried not to catch the block :smiley:)
  • Better controlment, somehow the people are walk like an sponge. At the first very very slow and in the end they run extremly fast. They also dont react instant on my key input, so i would say that there is an little input lag? I dont know why but that is crazy.

At the end is it an funny game! Thanks for that

Thank you for trying our game out!

It is optimised for mobile, so should (hopefully) work perfectly on mobile. We will look into the desktop version and see how we can resolve those issues.

Thank you for the feedback!

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