Cardano - cardano-wallet - couldn't find the requested endpoint for /policy-key

Hi, kinda new on this cardano-world,

Currently, learning around nft / mint based on this guide.
I tried to use cardano-wallet instead of cardano-cli.

The sync is complete and I can do curl to testnet and checking if status is ready.

curl --url http://localhost:8099/v2/network/information | jq

	"sync_progress": {
	"status": "ready"

As for now, I want to ask,

  1. Been wonder, if there’s any guide about minting nft but cardano-wallet version instead?

  2. I’m trying to create policy, since the guide (that using cardano-cli) is also mentioning to create policy. So, I’m using this endpoint to test around, below is the sample code I used

curl --request POST \
  --url http://localhost:8099/v2/wallets/the_wallet_id/policy-key \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --data '{
    "passphrase": "mypassphrase"
}' | jq

But, I got this return

  "code": "not_found",
  "message": "I couldn't find the requested endpoint. If the endpoint contains path parameters, please ensure they are well-formed, otherwise I won't be able to route them correctly."

Seeing on documentation, the policy key endpoint is live (can be used), so I kinda confuse if I did something wrong(?).


  1. Notice, that I use port 8099 just to test around instead 8090 (that’s the default port). I can do network test etc as per-normal, so means, nothing wrong around that.
  2. About policy-key you can copy-paste and change the wallet_id and passphrase is I made some typo, but I think, I’m not(?).

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

For those who looking for the answer of this, the answer is on here.

*I forgot to mention, the version that I use is v2022-01-08 (it’s the latest), but I did not notice that it’s different from master. Hence, the documentation of each release also difference.


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