Cardano Chess Championship

Anyone interested to play chess in the Community?

We could prepare a Cardano chess championship with live rankings if there is enough interest.

Would be a fun way of getting to know each other better :slight_smile:

If you have interest please comment it below.

We would probably suggest the following cross-platform mobile app, which runs both on iOS and Android.

If you know anything better please let us know.

As a suggestion the games would initially not be live (maybe in final stages), rather pretty relaxed, zero pressure and allow days between a single move if needed.


For me this is a “GO”


I haven’t played chess for years! I’m in for the fun!


Hell yes I’m in.Screenshot_20190204-014854_Chess


Sorry this app is terrible, too many ads.

Try “lichess”


sounds good to me

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I’m in. But if someone has a “master” ranking or something like that we should be warned. I’m novice level at best.

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Anyone else interested?

Have you tried gathering more people through telegram and reddit? In case you did and this is the final head count, I say we start organizing the first rounds.

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@Gabor_Peto good point!

Only Forum & Twitter.

Let’s try Telegram & Reddit.

Thanks a lot for pointing this out.

I m in …

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I’ll play, just let me know when it starts

any Texas holdem room? lol


id join in that as well lol poker is best played in person though is an option for tournaments too …