Cardano-cli ledger-state

I would like to have more information about the ledger-state output.
Can anyone differentiate between the different ‘poolParams’ and ‘delegations’ keys?
here attached is the structure of the json:


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Bit late, but I’m looking for this information myself. Did you find more information?

Oooh. sorry just seen this post.

These are related to the transition states, and I think the best explanation is a picture of it, what I created long long time back and can be found here:


A snapshot is taken, and stay in the ledger-state for 4 epoch, pstateMark is the latest snapshot, next epoch it becomes effective and called pstakeSet (makes you win blocks), then pstakeGo (calculates rewards) and finally NonMyopic (just historical).
this schema I made should clarify:

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