Cardano-cli query utxo NOT fifo

Hi everyone…I am trying to figure out how to sort my wallet transactions in Chronological order. When I run the cardano-cli query utxo --address xxx --mainnet The output is in alphanumeric order NOT Chronological. I want to respond to purchases on a First Come First Serve basis (FIFO). Is there a way to do that with cardano-cli? Any suggestions on how to do that would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe you need to extract time info with
cardano-cli transaction info for each line of the query. Use TxIn as input for cardano-cli transaction info. Just a guess I habe not tried it, but it must be possible.

Will the cardano-cli transaction command work on an entire wallet of transactions at once?

I guess, you need to loop through all transaction lines, but I have not tried. So have fun coding and let us know ;-).

I think you need: cardano-db-sync

Example queries

I was wondering if there is an api out there that could do it in lieu of cardano-cli or setting up db-sync. could probably do, what you are searching for.

That is exactly what I ended up doing in lieu of running db-sync. I think it would be simpler if Cardano-cli query was able to output in FIFO order. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks.

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I don’t think they can with the current database layout. It seems to be surprisingly useless given the space it eats up on disk.