Cardano coin video

Hello everyone,

I’m a graphic artist and I just started discovering the crypto world.

I find Cardano very interesting and thought I could help.
I made some cool videos like this one with the Cardano logo : 3d Abstract Background of Bitcoin Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free) 1068641483 | Shutterstock

I thought it would help the community etc… (and youtubers, news etc…)

But I don’t want to do anything wrong so :

Is it ok if I give a video for free to the community ?
Do you think I respected the logo ?
Are there some specific rules you need to follow ?

ps : I wrote to the Cardano foundation but got no response (too much work I guess)!

Hi, Julos. Your cool videos is really great.

Thanks !

I wrote to Cardano twice but no answer, it must be lost in the millions of emails ! :slight_smile:

Do you think I can use the logo as this ? cardano_1000.jpg - Google Drive
Does it respect the brand ?